Following poems were written by Lawrence:
"When I go at last, to my master on high
To that Great golden city in the Sky
Like a lost sheep returning to the fold
I shall go to the city paved with Gold.
Though my stay here on earth is filled with strife
And I know not the purpose of my lonely life
To my Master's great teaching I always will hold
Till I go to that great city, paved with gold.

Though each day may bring sorrow,
Each day may bring grief,
I can face all my troubles
If I just keep my belief.
Though my days here are short,
When I cross that great shore
I will dwell in that city,
With my Lord ever more."

Mary gave a Son to earth
A Son that came from God above
Mary gave a Son to earth
The Christ child came to show God's love

Mary gave a Son to Earth
In lowly manger He was born
Mary gave a Son to earth
From Heaven's bosom He was torn

Mary gave a Son to earth
A star shown bright to light the way
Mary gave a Son to earth
The wise men came to kneel and pray

Mary's child is now our own
He came to save a world from sin
Mary's child is now our own
Open your heart and let Him in!"

A Tribute to Lawrence by his brothers and sisters:

"Although Lawrence by trade was a sawmill man, he was multi-talented. There was little he couldn't do when he set his mind to it. While a young father, he remodeled a house that had burned. His wood working skills were extraordinary and he could take a car apart and put it back together better than most mechanics. As a teenager he used Mom's sewing machine to make Nauga hyde upholstery for his car that looked professionally done. He was an exceptional cook and when his health prohibited him from working in the mill, he developed a bakery business. He was an artist who could create beautiful clocks out of a knot on a log, and he was the brother with a heart as big as all outdoors and an an imagination that gave him a story telling gift that could embellish a story to unbelievable degrees. Though both of his ex-wives called him "Larry", he was Lawrence or "Dig" to his family and friends. We called him Dig from the time he was a little boy, digging in the dirt to make roads for his little homemade wooden trucks.

His songs were only a part of a many faceted person. We cannot share his laughter, his love of life, or the special place he held in our hearts, but we can share these few lyrics to give the reader a "window" into this special man we knew as our brother."  (Sharon Bearce)