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Eltern - parents: {5105} ♂ Lawrence Helle ∞ {5106} ♀ Lillian Richotte
{Helle-Nr} Sex "Rufname, Knstlername" Titel Vornamen Nachname [weitere Nachnamen] gen. Beiname
{5124} David L. Helle
Beruf - profession:
Wohnort - place of residence:
✱ 1945-12-23 in Langdon, ND
✝ 2009-07-11 in St. Cloud, MN
David served several years in the Army. After the service, he trained in auto body. He is single and like working in Seattle and Minneapolis, MN. (S. Hammar)
Quellen - sources: Shirley Hammar; HAd

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