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Eltern - parents: {5429} ♂ Tomas Andrissen Helle ∞ {5430} ♀ Goe Kristoffersdatter Heen
{Helle-Nr} Sex "Rufname, Knstlername" Titel Vornamen Nachname [weitere Nachnamen] gen. Beiname
{5432} Andris Tomassen Helle
Beruf - profession:
Wohnort - place of residence:
✱ 1662-ca in Vang, Oppland Co., Valdres
✝ 1740 in Vang, Oppland Co., Valdres
"He was known at one time or another by these surnames/farm names: Helle (Skeie), Givre, and Heen." (Martha Jane Hicks)
Quellen - sources: Martha Jane Hicks; HA {5429}
Partnerschaften - companions Kinder - children
∞ in Vang, Oppland Co., V bis
{5433} Guri Madsdatter Eltun

5 Kinder Heen

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