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{Helle-Nr} Sex "Rufname, Knstlername" Titel Vornamen Nachname [weitere Nachnamen] gen. Beiname
{76} Clara Anna Melmeke
Beruf - profession:
Wohnort - place of residence:
✱ 1661 in Rüthen
✝ in Rüthen
About a year and a half after the birth of her last child, JohannChristoph, Clara Anna was left a widow. Her husband died at the age of 75. Clara had six children under 14 years of age. Apparently, she did not remarry. Only three children of the first marriage were still living when the father died. Jost (Jodocus) must have prospered during his lifetime and left an estate large enough to provide for the needs of his widow and young children. (Riley 1985)
Quellen - sources: Stammtafel 1931,
Partnerschaften - companions Kinder - children
∞ 1686-07-09 in Rüthen bis
{73} Jodocus in der Helle

{87} Jodocus Caspar in der Helle ✱ 1688
{88} Mathäus in der Helle ✱ 1690
{89} Wilhelm Georg in der Helle ✱ 1693
{90} Maria Katharina in der Helle ✱ 1696
{91} Anna Angela in der Helle ✱ 1698
{92} Johann Christoph in der Helle ✱ 1700

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